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Conkers and the Legend of Hawkwind

Conkers and the Legend of HawkwindThu 26 Jul 2012

Space Rock legends Hawkwind have never been strangers to courting myth and legend, but the team here at CONKERS never thought they’d find themselves wrapped up in rumours surrounding the band.  Imagine our surprise then when this week we start receiving emails and calls asking why we’ve cancelled Hawkwind from playing at CONKERS.


Sadly we’ve never booked Hawkwind to play at CONKERS, although we think this is a brilliant idea! If they happen to read this and find themselves ‘In Search of Space’ then please get in touch. We’d love to have you and think our covered amphitheatre would be the perfect space for a Hawkwind gig. 


So why the confusion? CONKERS plays host to the National Forest Folk Festival each year and we think that the promoters of that event may have approached Hawkwind at some point.  Our understanding is that this never progressed as far as a booking, although as we're just the venue we're not privvy to what happens between bands and promoters. Knowing what a nice group the organisers of the National Folk Festival are it is hard to believe a lot of what is being said on the web, but which bands the organisers book (or don’t) is not something that CONKERS are involved with.


We have certainly never cancelled  or banned Hawkwind and would be delighted if their fans would attend one of our events and enjoy “Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music” at CONKERS.

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